Al-Khazneh Necklace, 925 Sterling Silver

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Al-Khazneh Necklace, 925 Sterling Silver

The minimalist Al-Khazneh necklace represents Al-Khazneh (Arabic meaning "The Treasury") which is one of Petra's most exquisite temples. It is located in the Nabatean Kingdom, Petra, Jordan and was once inhabited by Arabs. This magnificent work of art was created to pay tribute to those who have passed on to the afterlife. This carving, like the majority of the other structures in this ancient town, including the Monastery, was cut out of a sandstone rock face. Al-Khazneh was constructed as a tomb and crypt about 2000 years ago, containing statues of numerous mythological figures associated with the afterlife.

Al-Khazneh pendant specifications:
- Pure 925 Sterling Silver that will last you a lifetime!
- Height is 1.15" (29.1mm)
- Width is 0.91" (23.0 mm)

Necklace specifications:
- Elegant and delicate chain link design
- Silver plated
- Lobster clasp
- Length is 18" (45.7 mm)
- Thickness is 0.04" (1.2 mm)

- US 5-14 days
- International 14-21 days