Big Ben Clock Tower Necklace, 925 Sterling Silver

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Big Ben Necklace, 925 Sterling Silver

If you have a love for punctuality and wish making, and you want to convey your love for timeliness, driven goals, and optimism, the minimalist Big Ben necklace is the perfect necklace. This clock tower pendant is set to 11:11, so you are always on time to make a wish! Big Ben is known for its accuracy. Strictly speaking, the name only refers to the massive hour bell, which weighs 15.1 tons (13.7 metric tons). That being said, it is commonly associated with the whole clock tower which is located at the northern end of the Houses of Parliament, in the London borough of Westminster. Whether you're a child learning about new countries or a seasoned traveler well versed in the intricacies of UK culture, this clock tower is unforgettable.

Big Ben pendant specifications:
- Pure 925 Sterling Silver that will last you a lifetime!
- Height is 1.24” (31.4 mm)
- Width is 0.24” (6.1 mm)

Necklace specifications:
- Elegant snake chain design
- Silver plated
- Lobster clasp
- Length is 18" (45.72 cm)
- Thickness is 0.04" (1.2 mm)

- US 5-14 days
- International 14-21 days