London Tower Bridge Necklace

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London Tower Bridge Necklace

Perfect for...

  • Reliable and dependable friends
  • Daredevils
  • Stoics

The minimalist London Tower Bridge necklace resembles the London Tower Bridge designed in 1884 by architect Sir Horace Jones and civil engineer Sir John Wolfe Barry. It was originally designed to accommodate London’s fast growing population and allow pedestrians to cross the river in Victorian times easier. The bridge’s main focus was to allow pedestrians to use the bridge while the draw bridge was able to remain open for ships. Early on—due to it’s low utilization—some walkways became informal Red Light Districts, frequented by ladies of the night. In 1952, a bus driver named Albert Gunter had to step on the gas to clear the gap and save his passengers, as the draw bridge accidentally started to open! Due to his heroic actions, Gunter was given the next day off. London Tower Bridge is located in England's captial London and is often misinterpreted as the London Bridge from the famous nursury rhyme "London Bridge Is Falling Down." London Bridge is actually a basic/traditional bridge that is further up the river and doesn’t come close in the esthetics competition.

Stability, Perseverance, Boldness, Bravado
Designed by:
Xandra Monde
Pendant Base Material:
925 Sterling Silver (nickel-free)
Pendant Dimensions (H xW):
1.11 x 1.28" (28.2 x 32.6 mm)
Available Finishes:
925 Sterling Silver
Chain Plating:
925 Sterling Silver (nickel-free)
Chain Base Material:
Stainless Steel
Chain Length:
18" (45.7 mm)
Adjustable Chain:
US Shipping:
1-5 days
International Shipping:
5-14 days