Sydney Opera House Necklace, 925 Sterling Silver

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Sydney Opera House Necklace, 925 Sterling Silver

Flash your strides toward brilliance and creativity through this incredible minimalist Sydney Opera House necklace! This beautiful piece of art is one of the great architectural works of the 20th century. 233 designs were submitted in an international competition in 1956, taking 14 years to complete when the original plan was 4 years! Part of the opera house's beauty is in its engineering. In order for the infrastructure to stay cooled, the opera house takes in cool seawater directly from the harbor. Being located on Port Jackson (i.e. Sydney Harbor) in New South Wales, Australia, more than 10.9 million people come to appreciate the Opera House each year.

Sydney Opera House pendant specifications:
- Pure 925 Sterling Silver that will last you a lifetime!
- Height is 0.52” (13.1 mm)
- Width is 1.18” (30.0 mm)

Necklace specifications:
- Elegant and delicate chain link design
- Silver plated
- Lobster clasp
- Length is 18" (45.7 mm)
- Thickness is 0.04" (1.2 mm)

- US 5-14 days
- International 14-21 days