Xandra Monde Logo, 925 Sterling Silver

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Xandra Monde Logo Necklace, 925 Sterling Silver

The Xandra Monde Logo necklace represents adventure, the appreciation of luxury, a growth mindset, and a relaxed/stress-free life. The seven continents encapsulated in the diamond resemble the adventure life offers when you explore. The diamond represents opulence pursuit we all desire. In its colorized form, the gradient from green to blue resembles the growth mindset transitioning into a stress-free and relaxed lifestyle by becoming better. As you explore the universe, your growth will cause you to become tough and beautiful like a diamond.

Xandra Monde pendant specifications:
- Pure 925 Sterling Silver that will last you a lifetime!
- Height is 1.05" (26.6 mm)
- Width is 1.18" (30.0 mm)

Necklace specifications:
- Elegant snake chain design
- Silver plated
- Lobster clasp
- Length is 18" (45.7 mm)
- Thickness is 0.04" (1.2 mm)

- US 5-14 days
- International 14-21 days