Hermes' Winged Foot Necklace

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Hermes' Winged Foot Necklace

Perfect for...

  • Adventurers, Travelers, Vagabonds
  • Runners
  • Mothers
  • Mentors, Guides, Messengers
  • the Silver-Tongued, Quick-Witted, Linguests, Orators
  • the Quick Moving
  • Musicians
  • Tricksters / Pranksters, Risk Takers

Life has delivered an envelope on your desk. A sensation takes effect over you to break the moldto take the next step due to the intense curiousity that comes with staring into the unknown. Others dream, while you execute because you know what is important in life, what risks to take, and what rules can be broken. You are willing to drop everything for one extra memorable moment with the ones you love, because relationships are what matter to you. The glue in your relationships are made up of swiftness and cleverness so that you can help others in the most harmonous of ways. It's this that causes you to push the boundaries because it's fun to see what happens when there is a little bit of chaos. Otherwise, what is adventure without the unexpected? You want to be where interesting things happen, and life's boundaries are not meant to hold you back. A messenger has left you an invitation to move to the next part of your life. Why wait? Why be slow? Put wings on your feet because that's the only way to open the thoughtful and exciting letter life has handwritten specifically to you.

Travel, Trade, Wealth, Luck, Swiftness, Curiosity, Fertility, Cunning, Swiftness, Sleep, Farming, or Language
Designed by:
Xandra Monde
Pendant Base Material:
925 Sterling Silver (nickel-free)
Pendant Dimensions (H x W):
0.81 x 1.43" (20.6 x 36.2 mm)
Available Finishes:
925 Sterling Silver
Chain Plating:
925 Sterling Silver (nickel-free)
Chain Base Material:
Stainless Steel
Chain Length:
18" (45.7 mm)
Adjustable Chain:
US Shipping:
1-5 days
International Shipping:
5-14 days