Hermes' Winged Foot

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Hermes' Winged Foot Necklace

Designed for the curious person who values the wealth that comes from fast pace adventure. This necklaces allows you to show your friends that fortune favors the bold.

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Common Interpretations:
Travel, Trade, Wealth, Luck, Swiftness, Curiosity, Fertility, Cunning, Swiftness, Sleep, Farming or Language
Designed by:
Xandra Monde
Pendant Base Material:
925 Sterling Silver (nickel-free)
Pendant Dimensions (H x W):
0.81 x 1.43" (20.6 x 36.2 mm)
Available Finishes:
925 Sterling Silver
Chain Type:
Snake Chain
Chain Plating:
925 Sterling Silver (nickel-free)
Chain Base Material:
Stainless Steel
Chain Length:
18" (45.7 mm)
Adjustable Chain:
Order Fulfillment:
2-3 days
US Shipping:
1-5 days
International Shipping:
5-14 days